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Recommended Web sites


We hope this collection of sites will be useful and interesting to you. There are several organizations that qualify for more than one category listed below.  However, we've placed them where we thought made the most sense.


Please understand that the Maine Tree Foundation is not responsible for the content of these pages. Feel free to email us with any suggestions you may have for other sites that should be included here. 

Conservation Information 

The Nature Conservancy Maine Chapter:   From mayflies to mapping, this site is full of information about Maine’s natural history and landscape and those places in Maine that are special because of their ecological diversity. 

Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences:  Teaching shorebirds of New England to your students?  Curious about the flora and fauna of Belize?  Visit this site!

Forest Society of Maine:  Protects and conserves Maine’s forestlands, including important natural areas such as lakes, rivers and mountains by purchasing easements from willing landowners and providing monitoring services.

Environmental Education Resources 

Chewonki Foundation:  Find out all about the many top-notch educational programs Chewonki offers, from the Center for Environmental Education to the Maine Coast Semester.

Children & Nature Network:  Building a Movement to Reconnect Children and Nature.

Discover the Forest.org:  Every time you go on an adventure outdoors, you learn something new…. like how the forest changes in spring, summer, fall, and winter. That’s what’s so cool about getting to know the forest.

Envirothon Program: Get your high school students involved!  Envirothon is an environmental competition for high school students focusing on the improvement of the quality of life and quality of the environment.    

International Paper:  International Paper Company offers "Life of the Forest" educational poster sets available free to teachers. They were designed to help our young people learn the importance of good forest stewardship. Plus they are compatible with a variety of Project Learning Tree preK-12 activities.

Kieve Affective Education, Inc.: Year-round educational and leadership programs for students of all ages.

L.C. Bates Museum:  Interested in Maine’s natural history?  Visit this site and sign up for one of the many programs offered.

Maine Audubon Society: From class field trips to their nature centers in Falmouth or Holden, to bird watching in the Galapagos, this site outlines the wide variety of hands-on educational programs for students of all ages offered by Maine Audubon.  

Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife:  Lisa Kane, Project WILD Coordinator, 284 State Street, SHS 41, Augusta, ME  04333, Tel: 207-287-3303, Lisa.Kane@state.me.us

Maine Environmental Education Association: Need ideas for your classroom or funding for a project?  This site has information and links for you! 

Maine Math and Science Alliance: Get information on improving Math and Science education in your classroom.

Morris Farm: A 50-acre farm, agricultural education center and farm product outlet promoting Agriculture

No Child Left InsideA special initiative of Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell, coordinated by the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection to encourage Connecticut families and visitors alike to enjoy all the recreational resources and outdoor activities available in Connecticut's state parks, forests and waterways.  From Kent Falls in Kent to Stratton Brook in Simsbury to Fort Trumbull in New London, it's time to discover the great outdoors!

North American Association for Environmental Education: From policy to employment to funding sources, this site is the A-Z guide to environmental education.

Northern Woodlands: Information and perspectives on forest-related issues for for everyone from the logging professional through to the young naturalist.

Project Learning Tree: Information about how PLT is correlated to state learning results and loads of other environmental education information and links.

University of Maine's CRSF: University of Maine's Center for Research on Sustainable Forests.

University of Maine's School of Forest Resources: University of Maine's School of Forest Resources in Orono, Maine.

Viles Arboretum (formerly the Pine Tree State Arboretum): Need a Community Project?  Want to take your class snowshoeing? Check this site out.

www.oldfilm.org :1-800-639-1636 Videos and dvd’s about life in New England from Arts and Ethnic Interests through forestry, fisheries, boat building and railroad stories.

Landowner and Logger Information

American Tree Farm System: Learn all about what it means to have a certified Tree Farm.

Certified Logging Professionals Program: Information on how to become certified.  Also, tips on logging techniques and practices, a schedule of events and more.  Check it out!

Maine Logger Education Alliance: The Maine Logger Education Alliance (MLEA) was created to serve as a portal and focal point for training and educational resources for Maine's professional logging community. 

Maine Tree Farm: The Maine Tree Farm Committee makes arrangements for professional foresters to inspect and certify Tree Farms while providing on ground assistance and advice to landowners and help them develop management plans that meet their goals and expectations.

Maine Wood Products Association: A great source of information on bringing Maine wood products into the everyday marketplace.

My Land Plan:  American Forest Foundation's website for woodland owners who want to protect and enjoy their land.

Natural Resources Council of Maine: Lots of information here including information on FSC-Certified wood and what’s going on in Augusta related to natural resources.

Small Woodland Owners Association of Maine: Chock full of information for small and large woodlot owners alike including events and workshops to further your education and involvement.

Woodland Steward Program: A resource for landowners seeking to learn more about their land and options for its long-term stewardship.  This interactive program was designed with the private woodland owner in mind. While there is always more to learn, try it yourself to see if you already are a "woodland steward".

State of Maine Resources

Maine Department of Conservation: Log on to this site for conservation-related grants, land use regulations, parks and recreation information and more!

Maine Department of Education: From statistics to salaries to home schooling, this site has the answers for you.

Maine Department of Environmental Protection Online: Interactive site chock full of state environmental information both teachers and students will enjoy!

Maine Forest Service: Interested in Maine forest issues such as policy, protection or management? Visit this site!

Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife: Everything you ever wanted to know about animals in Maine from hunting regulations to endangered species.  This site is full of information!

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