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MAINE Project Learning Tree

Pat Maloney, PLT State Coordinator
153 Hospital St., Augusta, ME 04330


The Maine Project Learning Tree Tree Links, prepared by Maine teachers in 1999, correlates all PLT activities, preK-8, with the Maine State Learning Results from that period. With roots in Maineís Common Core of Learning, the Learning Results are comprised of 6 Guiding Principles, 8 subject area Content Standards, and Performance Indicators in 3 grade clusters: Elementary Grades Pre-K-2, Elementary Grades 3-4, and Middle Grades 5-8. The Tree Links includes alignment information for the content standards and performance indicators. Content Standards are broad descriptions of the knowledge and skills that students should acquire. Performance indicators describe what all students should know and be able to demonstrate mastery of a content standard. They are intended to include both knowledge and skills, be assessable in a variety of ways, and define results. It is essential to emphasize, and for educators to consider, that the Learning Results apply to all students, including those with unique learning needs and/or identified disabilities. 

Copies of the most recent and up-to-date Learning Results are available at the following address:

Learning Results
Maine Department of Education
23 State House Station
Augusta, Maine 04333-0023

In creating this document the authors made some assumptions when completing these correlations. Connections between the Learning Results and Project Learning Tree activities are subject to interpretation. In working with the group of consultants to put the guide together, we aimed for consistency. Consultants were asked to look for connections to the activities as written in the PLT curriculum materials, not on the many modifications that could be implemented by an imaginative educator. Please donít feel limited by our decisions and choices.

If you have the PLT preK-8 Activity Guide or the high school modules, you can browse the links for alignment to the MSLR. For educators unfamiliar with Project Learning Tree, six-hour workshops are offered to provide firsthand experience with the activity guides. Activity alignment with MSLR is a standard component of any workshop.

Use this Matrix to assist you in finding the most appropriate PLT Activity

Overview of Tree Links {Word Document} 


English Language Arts



Social Studies

 Visual & Performing Arts

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